FirstCry GOSF 2014 Sale | GOSF Offers on Baby Diapers – Flat 15% Off

Deepika Dewan

As kids we all have gone through teething problems. Not to forget the stinky potty and peeing at any odd hour of the day. Which is why diapers need to be changed frequently to bring hygiene to your little one. This time all the new borns and little ones can have a blast. as a part of the ongoing GOSF Festival brings for the benefit of your little child FirstCry GOSF 2014 Sale. You can avail of some of the best diaper brands such as Mamy Poko Pants, Babyhug, Pampers, Huggies and many more for your tiny tots at Flat 15% off. The diapers ensure complete comfort and dryness to your baby’s bums. Watch out the apple of your eye have the time of their life, as much as you as doting parents, when you see the FirstCry GOSF 2014 Sale cast its loving magic.

How to make the most of FirstCry GOSF 2014 Sale?

Wipe out your baby’s wet woes this time more happily than you ever were. GOSF 2014 brings you a soft cootchie coo range of baby diapers from FirstCry. Your baby will flash that sweet little naughty smile once you make him or her wear better absorbent and irritation-free diapers from genuine brands. The diapers come with soft elastic and comfortably fit the body helping the air pass easily. Gentle on skin and having all-round soft elastic with pores, the diapers are maxi-absorbent that soak up to 6 glasses of water. Easy to remove by simply tearing the sides, the diapers are the best fit in any position your baby sits, stands or sleeps in. Upto 4 hours of protection, the diapers are perfect for babies in the age group of 18-36 months.

Baby Hug 7 in 1 Premium Baby Diapers XL – 32 Pieces


Mamy Poko Pants Pant Style Diapers Large – 56 Pieces


Pampers Diaper Pants Large – 52 pieces


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