Flat 20% Off on Pampers Diapers for Baby at Flipkart – Starts Rs 172

Meghana Pawar

Buying baby products becomes like an everyday affair when we have kids. One such important product is Diapers. Using Good quality diapers is essential for the safety of our child. It can prevent unnecessary rashes and allergies and keep our baby dry for long hours. So always be sure about the quality and the brand while making a purchase. Here, Dealstan brings you a wide range of great quality and dependable diapers from Pampers. You can buy them at Flat 20 % off starting at just Rs 172 only on Flipkart.com.

How to Buy Pampers Baby Diapers at Flat 20% off:

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  • Click on Buy Now and Proceed to Payment.

Here are Some Recommendations for you:

Pampers Diaper M Size (Medium) 66 Pads at Rs 568 only


This Diaper will protect your child’s delicate skin from harmful rashes thanks to its aloe vera lotion content. The Magic Gel gives upto 10 hours of Dryness and is soft and comfortable.

Pampers Pants Diaper M Size (Medium) 60 Pads at Rs 532 only

pampers 1

This Pampers Diapers is designed to provide amazing dryness for long hours. It can provide all night absorbency ensuring a peaceful sleep to your baby. It comes with the extra dry layer that can absorb up to six wettings.

Pampers Active Baby Diapers Taped XL Size (Extra Large) 56 Pads at Rs 832 only

pampers 2

The Pampers Active baby features the magic core which soaks the liquid instantly thus ensuring no leakage. This diaper comes with the balloon stretch tape with which we can slip them on and also remove with ease. The underwear like design makes it easier for you to put on clothes on your baby without any difficulty.

Pampers Pants Diaper S Size (Small) 20 Pads at Rs 172 

pampers 3

The Pampers Pant Style Diapers are designed uniquely to perfectly fit your baby and maximize the comfort. It features all night absorbency and extra dry layer. The soft stretch waist and sides and cotton soft cover ensures gentleness on the skin.

Pampers Pants Diaper XL Size (Extra Large) 32 Pads at Rs 424 only

pampers 4


These Pampers Pant size XL diapers contain the baby lotion that prevents allergies and rashes. The special leakage protection and extra dry layer ensure dryness for long hours. It is easy to wear and change.

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Rs 172