Sale on Home linen and Home Furnishing for Rs. 449 Only-at flat 50%off


Home linen and home furnishings add a touch of elegance to any house and make it look like a welcoming home. You can brighten up your rooms through furniture in different designs, colourful bedsheets and pillow cases or cushion covers, and add an element of interest to your living space. It’s always a great idea to maintain a spick and span home, with a dash of personality reflected through the home decor. Snapdeal offers you the perfect way to give your home and living space a facelift without breaking the bank. Now you can get 50% flat off when you shop for home linen, home furnishings, bed and bath products and more. Just use the coupon code ‘SUMMER’ when you check out your favourite picks.

Great deals on home linen and home furnishings

How to get Flat 50% off on Sale on Home linen and home furnishings at Rs. 449 only:

  1. Go to the Sale on Home Linen and Home Furnishings section on Snapdeal.
  2.  Pick your favourite products in the categories of home linen and home furnishings.
  3. Add them to your cart.
  4. Click on the checkout button and confirm your order.
  5.  Enter the Snapdeal coupon code ‘SUMMER’ in the box provided during checkout.

Choose from an extensive range of plush bath towels, carpets, toys, furnishings, tablecloths, kitchen ware, home linen and lots more with beautiful designs for just Rs. 500 449. You can add glamour to your home with contemporary designs, or give it a more traditional look with rich and vibrant carpets, kitchen ware, high quality wooden furniture and so on. Imagine the surprise when all your friends, relatives and neighbours see how polished and chic your home looks. Make it a space worth living in. Don’t miss out on these exciting offers on home linen and furnishings.

A cozy home is your haven when you enter it after a tiring day at work. The bright colors of the home furnishings just revitalize your senses within seconds. The soft pillows comfort your back, the gentle spread of upholstery caresses your tired body and the comfortable comforters take away the exertion from your body. A well-furnished house is the dream home of everyone. Snapdeal offers great discounts on home furnishings at up to 50% discount. Taking care of your needs, we have picked the best products from different brands and have displayed them in different categories so that you can easily browse through them. It’s whether the plush bed sheets that interest you or the ethnic-looking bed sheets, each and every product has a class and will definitely add a soft touch of glamor to your house. You can color coordinate each room in your house with the right choice of bed sheets. It will be real fun to match the co lours of the walls, cushions and bed sheets to give your home an attractive look. Start shopping today from here!

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  1. Anunay

    I’m looking for inspirational crafting, home decor, and/or fashion magazines that will ship to the USA. I found a magazine called Frankie, but it’s only available in Australia as far as I could see. Google searches didn’t bring up anything that fit what I need. The magazines I do NOT want: sewing, crocheting, knitting, embroidery, quilting.

    I plan on reading these magazines and cutting them up after I’ve finished them, all to add these inspirational images and articles to an inspiration board, and turn the remainder into envelopes for snail mail.

    Please help?

  2. Shahnaaz

    My spouse plus I are seeking to purchase several brand-new couches. We found 1 you like at a localized shop from a brand called Best Home Furnishings. We’ve not heard about them, however the man talked very very of them, mentioned they sell a lot. I looked online however, can’t appear to locate any critiques of their treatments, has anybody heard about them? How lengthy must a Best sofa last on average? What is the standard compared to either an Ashley (low end) or perhaps a Flexsteel (significant end)? Thanks for the aid!


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