Flat 50% Off on Reuasable Underarm Sweat Pad Rs 149


Summer is one season of the year that irritates us with the constant sweat and humidity levels our bodies face. This not only becomes a “smelly” affair but something that casts a bad impression on others. Fight this body odour problem in a simple and versatile way as eBay.com¬†brings Reuasable Underarm Sweat Pad. Made of soft 100% cotton absorbent material and elastic straps, the stretchable straps of these sweat pads slide onto your shoulders to give you an all-day comfortable fit. After you are through wearing them, put them in the washing machine or handwash them and bingo the pads are ready to use the next time. With this product, you can happily raise your arms no matter the scorching heat.

How to get this Sweat Pad at discounted price of Rs 149?

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Flat 50% Off on Reuasable Underarm Sweat Pad at Tradus - Rs 149

Feel nice and fresh in the summers as ebay.com brings Reuasable Underarm Sweat Pad at Flat 50% Off at a discounted price of Rs 149.

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Rs 149