Fleecy Plain White Bath Towel 1 Pc at Rs 99 – 60% OFF


Have you ever known that terry towels are advisable to use in bath, than the normal ones? Terry towels absorb more water and also are soft and skin-friendly. Get a white bath towel for just Rs.99

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Though pointless as it may seem in our day to day lives, bath towels are indeed necessary to dry your bodies after shower everyday. It is healthy to dry the body after shower to avoid moisture and dampness.Skin friendly towels are important to prevent the skin from getting harsh and lifeless. Wiping with a normal cloth or a towel of a bad material may lead to the damage of your skin. Terry towels are made up of terra cloth. Terra cloth is normally made by either weaving or knitting. This hand made cloth is then used for manufacturing terry towels. Terry towels are made up of a woven fabric. It contains long loops and hence can absorb large amounts of water. What is advantageous is that, with terry towels, the body gets dry faster because it absorbs large amounts of water.These towels are also easy to wash and easy to maintain. They absorb quickly and dry quickly. They have such a soft finishing and are made up of good material that you won`t feel the cloth against your body. You can this kind of a towel by buying this cool white bath towel made up of terra cloth at just Rs. 99. Buy in bulk and let everyone in your family use them. Snapdeal brings you an offer to buy a Fleecy Plain White Bath towel for Rs.99 only.  Buy the white bath towel and feel the softness of the fabric slide over the body. Hurry up till the offer avails.
Product Description:

  • Dimensions (LxW): 55X110 cm
  • Brand: Fleecy
  • Colour: White
  • Fabric: 100% cotton woven
  • Design: Plain
  • Features: lightweight and Durable
  • Plain white terry
  • Product code: MT-521B


One Response to “Fleecy Plain White Bath Towel 1 Pc at Rs 99 – 60% OFF”

  1. Samudrasen

    I usually have trouble with shower towels. We never have the way of drying them inside the sunlight. We dry them inside. How may you dry them so that they never receive smelly inside 2 days of utilize??



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