Flipkart Accessories Mela – Flat 10% OFF. Time to indulge!

Sowmya Nair

Time for some serious shopping! Flipkart Accessories Mela is here to offer you flat 10% off on Mobile, Computer and Camera Accessories. Time to buy many things – perhaps a stylish case for your fancy smartphone? A 16GB memory card? A tripod for your camera or an internet dongle. Immense options to choose from. We suggest you make a list of all the accessories you want and just indulge this time. Buy it all. Flat 10% off on brand new state-of-the-art accessories don’t come your way too often. Flipkart Accessories Mela is a good enough reason to buy all necessary accessories.

Buy from Flipkart Accessories Mela and get flat 10% off! Time to buy all the accessories you’ll ever need!

How to buy from Flipkart Accessories Mela and get Flat 10% off:

Flipkart Accessories Mela

  1. Buy from Flipkart Accessories Mela from Flipkart
  2. Select a product and click on BUY NOW to get flat 10% off
  3. No Flipkart coupon code is applicable

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Flipkart Accessories Mela
Offer Price: Rs. 1,422

Huawei E303C Data Card

Works with All 2G / 3G SIMs

Better Coverage

Voice Call Support

Carry your internet wherever you go!

Stay connected through social media, check emails, work from a cafe.

World is now a smaller place and is right in your hands!

Simpex 333 Tripod


Flipkart Accessories Mela
Deal Price: Rs. 743
Brand Simpex
Model 333
Material Aluminum Oval Section
In The Box Tripod, Tripod Box
Folded Length 520 mm
Leg Lock Type Vertical
Load Capacity 3000 g
Maximum Operating Height 1490 mm
Number of Leg Sections 3
Panhead 3-way
Quick Release Yes
Special Features Feet, Air Cushioned, 20.32 Leg Diameter
Warranty 18 Months
Flipkart Accessories Mela
Deal Price: Rs. 585

Samsung MB-MSAGA MicroSD 16 GB Memory Card Class 6

Class 6 Memory Card
13 MB/s Write Speed
3 Proof Technology
24 MB/s Read Speed

2 Responses to “Flipkart Accessories Mela – Flat 10% OFF. Time to indulge!”

  1. Advaya

    My girlfriend is getting a hot 32GB iPod Touch for Christmas. I would like to receive her a limited accessories she may use with it. I learn she wants the Nike + Sports Kit with sensor, nevertheless what additional accessories do we think are value a buy? What additional form of accessories are accessible?

  2. Advitiya

    Can we provide me a list of stores at Hyderabad, India, where I will receive Digital camera accessories (like Shutter Release cable, Rain Covers, Filters etc.) at competitive cost?


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