Flipkart DigiFlip Laptop Backpack at Rs 480 – 40% Off Deal


Ensure your laptops safety and security in an even better way with this amazing new offer from Flipkart.Here we have a whole new range of laptop backpacks from Digiflip at an amazing 40 % off.These are very durable and quite heavyduty bags that can withstand quite a great deal.They have 2 compartments for the storage and it comes in with a zipper pouch that makes sure your laptop and other stuffs are held in good and they donot fall off.These bags are built out of real good material and that totally ensures its durability.So once you put your laptops into one of these bags you can set your mind free from any errands.So just seal the deal.

DigiFlip Flare Laptop Backpack: BackpackHow to buy DigiFlip laptop Bagpacks at Rs 480 on 40% off?

  1. Click here to go to the store.
  2. Select the product and add it to cart.
  3. Make a safe and secure payment.

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Rs 800
Rs 480