Flipkart Diwali Sale | How I Saved Rs 5000 & More Shopping


Yesterday I grabbed the newspaper and there it was a Lower half front page gleaming AD – “Flipkart Diwali Sale” . The offer really looked lucrative and persuaded me to have a look online, and there I was surfing my way to glory! This offer has to be one of the best I might have seen in a long time.  The Multi-billion dollar giant had come up with its surprise “Flipkart Diwali sale”. I say surprise cause no one really expected Diwali sale to come so quick. Diwali is still 20 days from now but the Online  sale featuring Flipkart Diwali offers has begun. Boy its a delight for shoppers like us who sit back on their office chairs and really have to do is to sneak and start their online quest for shopping.

How to save much more and fullfil your dreams to buy more stuff online at Flipkart Diwali Sale?

  1. Select from the vast range of deals we have already curated for you here.
  2. Click on the links and you’ll land up on the Flipkart page.
  3. Enjoy shopping this Diwali.

I had been trying to upgrade my useless iPad 2 for sometime now. Was just waiting for an offer as good as this and bam! They just have the Nexus 7 16gb for a meager Rs 8999. I thanked God for showering his blessing on me today, cause just yesterday I had almost made the payment on tradus for the same tablet for Rs 13999 only to get my transaction rejected for some good reason. I was really bored with the same old iOS feel and needed to move on – My best bet the Google Nexus 7. Without even having second thoughts I ordered this beauty and I am just waiting it to arrive. So this was my story of how I managed to save Rs 5000 on the best android tablet that is out there.


But the fun doesn’t stop here with the money that I saved here I actually could now think of getting that Canon 600D DSLR that I wanted and could not get before. That is neat huh? Turns out there is also a sections Flipkart offers on Cameras, wherein I again managed to save a flat 10% and clubbed it with that Macro lens every amateur would dream of. I am completely blown away with this year’s Flipkart Diwali Sale where in I just wanted to buy a tablet, ended up saving Rs 5000, then bought myself the longed Canon 600D DSLR and still had the money to the get that extra 5k macro lens from Flipkart offers on Camera I thought I would buy next year. Flipkart has started this Diwali shopping spree with a bang and the other players are going to continue the same. Too bad my company pays me very little else I would have also changed by Nokia Lumia 520 for the Nokia Lumia 925. 😉 You know you’re in for a treat if you have a Standard Charted Credit Card cause this entitles you for a further 15% Cashback. If only if I had one!


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