Flipkart Exchange Offer on TV – Get Rs 5000 Off for a new LED TV

Sonalee Sarkar

LED (Light emitting diode) television is a televison which has a large screen and is made up of thousands of bright LED lights. With the combination of HD and LED on your Philips television now you can enjoy a complete all color world that you can see through this television. You can enjoy supreme connectivity that enables you to enjoy digital content and interactions in one place. Thus choose from our big brand collection of television offered to you on discount only at flipkart.com.

How to get this Flipkart TV Exchange offer at discounted price of Rs 10,500?

  1. Click here to go to the Store Page.
  2. Select your new tv while exchanging for the old at its best price.
  3. Proceed to checkout and make payment.

Sony Bravia 22 inches full HD:- Rs.8490


Samsung 23 inches full HD:- Rs.9500


Samsung 32 inches full HD:- Rs.20440


Sony bravia 42 inches full HD:- Rs.59900


Sony 48 inches full HD:- Rs.79900

There are a number of selection to chose from thus not limiting your selection to only one television set. All that are displayed are under discount thus a huge saving in your pocket too. Each television has its own features and all are different in its screen sizes. Now enjoy gaming, movies, your favorite soaps etc. all on big screen. Pay less for something big. These TV’s have the right kind of technology used to give you the maximum benefit from it.

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Rs 15500
Rs 10500