Flipkart GOSF 2014 Online Sale – Best Products to Buy Online

Deepika Dewan

“Honey, I will be late tonight. Have to check out a fitness treadmill for Rohan”, said Abhay, VP, Marketing of a Software firm. The fat Mrs. Iyer can’t resist the diamond necklace crafted in peacock shape that she wants to buy for her would-be daughter-in-law. Daboo, the street smart 14 year teenager is eyeing a Smartphone with Swarovski crystals. How to fulfil each of their whims and fancies at half the price?? Leave it to technology. Rather leave it to Flipkart GOSF 2014 Online Sale that will happily fulfil all your needs and wants in just a click of a mouse.


Some of the bestseller at bumper discounts of the Flipkart GOSF 2014 are-

Flipkart GOSF 2014 Online Sale – E Shopper’s Delight!

The Flipkart GOSF 2014 Online Sale is a Cyber Shopping Festival that will prove to be a remarkable and absolutely engaging online shopping experience for people of all age groups.


Flipkart, a participating e-commerce website of GOSF 2014, is a unique e-platform where all the Babas and Babies, Uncles and Aunts, Ms. Marvels and Mr. Romeos can happily meet. Unlike last year when the shopping festival was on for just a single day, this year GOSF will last for 3 days starting from the December 11 till December 13.

Call it the mother of invention or the father of online shopping. There is no denying the marketing jargon we encounter in our day to day lives on the internet. To make CX (Customer Experience) superior and promising, Flipkart GOSF 2014 Online Sale presents a great experience for every UV (Unique Visitor) so that WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) happens to every online viewer. If you are puzzled enough by these acronyms, we will simplify the case for you.

Flipkart GOSF 2014 Online Sale – Partnering Sites to boost Consumer Shopping:

Reports compiled by Google and TNS Australia have shown 128% increase in interest in online shopping among customers in the year 2012.

This trend is hopefully expected to yield rocket high sales in 2013 too thanks to the partner websites in GOSF. From Flipkart to many other collaborative partners such as Jabong, Pepperfry, Snapdeal, Zovi, Myntra, the GOSF offers are available on wide range of product categories such as women apparels, footwear, kidswear, computers and accessories, mobiles, electronics, fitness equipment, the works.

The Smart Origin of GOSF 2014:

How did this unique concept of one day or three day online shopping evolve in India, you may ask? It was none other than Google that followed the trend started in US by the much famous Cyber Monday that took place in the year 2005. China observes a similar day of online shopping on November 11 titled Single’s Day.

So all you shopping freaks in any part of India can say alvida to this year with the one and only Flipkart GOSF 2014 Online Sale. A shopping movement that is a case study in itself.

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