Flipkart Offers American Tourister Laptop Backpack for Just Rs. 1,458

Sowmya Nair

Flipkart offers American Tourister laptop backpack at a price that’s too good to be true. Pay just Rs. 1,458 and own a super attractive backpack that you can flaunt everyday. Most of us barely step out without a laptop. So a laptop bag like this is as important as a handbag or a wallet. Flipkart offers a deal that can work in your favor. How many of us have bought cheap quality laptop bags and ended up with completely worn out trash in a few weeks time?

Yes, most of us. When we are thinking of the safety of something as important as a laptop, why take chances? It is the safest to invest in a brand that’s trustworthy. Not to mention this backpack is great looking! Flipkart offers you this amazing backpack at just Rs. 1,458. Placed your order yet?

Flipkart Offers American Tourister Laptop Backpack for Just Rs. 1,458:

Flipkart Offers

  1. Go to Flipkart.com
  2. Click on BUY NOW
  3. No coupon code applicable. Further discount available at checkout.

Product Description:

  • 15.4 inch Compatible
  • Dobby Nylon and Twill Fabric
  • 2 Compartments
  • 3 Pockets

3 Responses to “Flipkart Offers American Tourister Laptop Backpack for Just Rs. 1,458”

  1. Jashanjeet

    I’m inside the marketplace for certain unique luggage plus I’d like to recognize when I could choose 100% polyester luggage that may not particularly state the denier (I’m assuming it’s like a measure of thread count inside sheets — the high we go, the greater the standard?); or, must I go for luggage which has at least a 1200 denier?

  2. Vidor

    I’ve enjoyed travelling bags plus suitcases of Samsonite, American Tourister plus VIP plus I feel which they’re charging you double the income which the goods would really be value.
    1. Is it certainly value ordering any of these brands? Which would we suggest, plus why?
    2. I desire standard for a fair cost. The above brands provide standard, however, the cost is double. Are there brands that sell durable suitcases plus travelling bags at fair costs? Which brands are those?
    Eg: Rs. 1200 for a travelling bag is too much. A low standard travelling bag sold found on the footpath fees Rs.200. So I’m expecting a good travelling bag to expense between Rs.400 to Rs.600. However certainly, it isn’t fair of them to charge even Rs.400 for a piece of thick fabric which has been sewed up into a travelling bag!

  3. Adikavi

    My mother gave me a set of American Tourister luggage for my future global trip. I’ve not owned luggage before, however, this appears like a different standard than all of the additional luggage inside the apartment. Will it hold about the baggage handlers? Will it assist to write “Fragile” on it, to avoid everything being smashed? Thanks!


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Rs. 2,450
Rs. 1,458