Flipkart Pampers Diapers GOSF Sale – Starting at Rs 213 Only


There is nothing more naughty and memorable than a baby’s smile. Their coyness is most heartening to very parent. But not their wet pangs. Flipkart.com presents Pampers Diapers Combo Offer where Diapers are available at Rs 190 Only. The Pampers diapers come with soft cotton outer cover that prevents skin irritation. Their superior absorbency protects leakage that happens from time to time.  Just like the balloon cheeks of your bonny baby, the diapers come with balloon stretch tape whose purpose is to provide the most comfortable fit to your child. In order to prevent rashes and itching, these diapers come with hypoallergenic lotion with Aloe Vera extracts. So that your baby experiences nothing but softness that’s healthy on their skin.

Flipkart Pampers Diapers Combo Offer - Diapers at Rs 240 Only

Avail Flipkart Pampers Diapers Offer:

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Some Recommendations:

Pampers Diaper Taped NB-S Size (New Born Small) 22 Pads at Rs 213

 Pampers Active Baby Diapers Taped L Size (Large) 18 Pads at Rs 284


Pampers Pants Diaper XL Size (Extra Large) 16 Pads (16 Pieces) at Rs 333

Pampers Active Baby Diapers Taped XL Size (Extra Large) 56 Pads at Rs 983

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Rs 224
Rs 213