Flipkart Summer Sale on Toys – Top Toys available Below Rs 500


How to make summers exciting enough for kids is a big challenge. And that is something that Flipkart.com caters to well as it presents Summer Sale on Toys. From Chhota Bheem to Chutki, from Barbie to Krrish mask, from Funskool racing jeep to the good old teddy and Sunflower rattle, everything is simple, light hearted and entertaining for the little ones. Give them a nice glass of milk shake and peanuts to munch and the never ending toys from Flipkart and see how their faces lighten up with joy. It is not just a playful exercise for the kids but help improves and develops their hand to eye coordination too.

How to get this Summer Sale on Toys at discounted price of Rs 399?

  1. Click here to go to the Store Page.
  2. Select this product and add it to shopping cart.
  3. Proceed to checkout and make payment.

Giggles Sunflower Rattle – Rs 125  Rs. 112.

Giggles Sunflower Rattle - Rs. 112.

Funskool Nesting Eggs – Rs 125  Rs. 112.

Funskool Nesting Eggs - Rs. 112.

Funskool MRF Racing Jeep – Rs 160   Rs. 144.

Funskool MRF Racing Jeep - Rs. 144.

Simba Krrish Mask – Rs. 299 Rs. 239.

Simba Krrish Mask - Rs. 239.

Barbie In The Pink Shoes – Rs. 449 Rs. 269.

Barbie In The Pink Shoes - Rs. 269.

Dimpy Stuff Teddy – 19.7 Inch – Rs. 449  Rs. 359.

Dimpy Stuff Teddy - 19.7 Inch - Rs. 359.

Chhota Bheem – Rs 499 Rs. 399.

Chhota Bheem - Rs. 399.

Dimpy Stuff Chutki – 11.41 inch – Rs 499 Rs. 399.

Dimpy Stuff Chutki - 11.41 inch - Rs. 399.

At Flipkart Summer Sale on Toys, you can pick a good range of toys below Rs 500.

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Rs 499
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