Free Samples Checkup of Building Exteriors or Terrace of Doctor Fixit


For healthy construction of your building and Office, Doctor Fixit is pioneer in constructions. This month with new year, Dr. Fixit is giving free samples of their premium product. Be it cracks on your roof or seepage through exteriors, Dr. Fixit’s expert waterproofing solutions can fix it. Get ultimate protection from leakage and dampness.


How to get Free Sample and Free Checkup of your Terrace or Roof:

  1. You can get Free Waterproofing Sample from here.
  2. To get completely free checkup for your terrace or roof, apply here.

Note: This offer is available only selected cities.

You check fixit website for more office information.


Other Healthy Construction Products from Mr. Fixit include:

Preformed Membranes:

  • Dr. Fixit Torchshield AP 3160 / 4160
  • Dr. Fixit Torchshield AM 3160 / 4160
  • Dr. Fixit Torchshield AS 3160 / 4160
  • Dr. Fixit Torchshield AG 2050 / 3050 / 4050
  • Dr. Fixit Flexshield Black / Blue T / Blue T Wide
  • Dr. Fixit Samshield PR 1600 / 2100
  • Dr. Fixit Samshield XL 1500 / 2100

Liquid Applied Membranes:

  • Dr. Fixit Pidifin 2K
  • Dr. Fixit Fastflex
  • Dr. Fixit Flexicoat PU
  • Dr. Fixit Solyseal
  • Dr. Fixit Proofcote Black

Integral Waterproofing:

  • Dr. Fixit Pidiproof LW+
  • Dr. Fixit Powder Waterproof
  • Dr. Fixit Krystalline

Surface Protection & Damp – Proofing:

  • Dr. Fixit Dampguard
  • Dr. Fixit Repellin WR
  • Primers & Adhesives
  • Dr. Fixit Flexshield BA / SA

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