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With the increasing cylinder prices every coming day, the day is not far when gas would be an asset soon. And in situations where the gas cylinder finishes abruptly while you’re cooking, there should always be a substitute for the gas. Get branded induction cooktop at starting price of Rs 1,199/- at Flipkart.


How to buy Induction Cooktop from Flipkart?

1. Go to Induction Cooktop.

3.Free Home Delivery.

You can fry, steam and warm food very easily on this induction cooktop. It has several other features which makes it a great competition for the normal cylinder stoves that we use since ages. This induction cooktop has 7 multiple cooking options with it. So all you got to do is to select your choice of option and press the button START to let your cooking begin. It has adjustable power and temperature button with which you can adjust the temperature according to the food that you’re cooking on the induction cooktop. All you got to have is flat surface vessels for this induction cooktop.

It has high thermal efficiency and save the energy by 50 percent. So you need not worry about those gas bills or electricity bills while you cook your favorite delicacies. It has light touch switches, strong firepower, ceramic plates and a four digit display to show you the power and temperature of the cook top. Its has lot more features than described here. Get it now from flipkart at just Rs. 1199/-.

General Details:
Induction Cooker
4 digit LED display
Power Details:
50 Hz
2000 W
220 V
Additional Features:
Over-Heat protection,High thermal efficiency ,save energy by 50%,Environment friendly, no smoke, no exhaust gar.
Warranty Details:
Seller Warranty
3 Months

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Rs 2999
Rs 1199