Funskool Scotland Yard Board Game at Lowest Price on Flipkart – Rs 424

Deepika Dewan

A child’s mental stimulus doesn’t just grow on health drinks. Little brains need something extra to enhance their motor functions. That comes in full measure as presents Funskool Scotland Yard Board Game at Lowest Price on Flipkart. It’s a brilliant detective game for girls and boys above the age of 10. The aim of the game is to get your little masters to catch the villainous Mr. X. What makes this game interesting is the action-packed mind-play. Funskool creates games of the highest standards of quality and offers the most exciting brands towards child and family entertainment. Don’t bat an eyelid. Order the Funskool game today from Flipkart at lowest price and give your little boy or girl the sharpness and agility he/she need to brace their tomorrow. It will be fun watching your boys grow up to be future Sherlock Holmes after they finish playing with the Funskool Scotland Yard Board Game.

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Funskool Scotland Yard Board Game


Scotland Yard needs a team of 3 to 6 daredevil detectives whose role is to capture Mr. X by chasing and tracing his whereabouts. How will they achieve this task? All it needs is some mental ability and Funskool Scotland Yard Board Game at Lowest Price on Flipkart. The best part about this game is that it enables discussions on how the little detectives should proceed. How by companionship will they be able to corner Mr. X. It is only through player interaction that players can deduce Mr. X’s exact location as he plans to escape his capture.

Game Features:

  • Teaches Team Coordination.
  • Detective Game.
  • Ideal for age of 10+. is a dedicated portal that provides latest Online Deals from a great range of shopping websites.

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