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Sonali Singh

Rains! A beautiful natural shower that washes all the dust away and make everything look, flowery fresh. The fragrance of fresh wet mud, lush and rich green trees,plants budding flowers, and everything else is just exquisite. But it gets cumbersome sometimes, when one is out and the showers are sudden, and one is not equipped to escape drenching. Or contrarily when the stubborn sun, burns the earth with its scorching heat, and it is not possible to walk or travel under-shade, a companion that could help in both the situations, is the superb Nylon Umbrella, brought to you by

How to get the Nylon Umbrella at Rs 299?

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The Nylon Umbrella, is made up of highly robust material and also prevents water from seeping in thoroughly.Equipped with patent elastic shock chord, the Nylon Umbrella is your forever companion and never leaves you distressed.Also armored with lightning resistant double reinforced fiberglass shaft, that ensures your safety and frame construction of the Nylon Umbrella is superb.The handle of the Nylon umbrella is of high quality and uses rubber to give you a firmer grip of the umbrella.The color of the Nylon Umbrella, shown in the picture is blue, which is soothing to eyes and looks trendy.Also other colors are available to be make a choice.

Product Details:

  • Finest available 190 thread count nylon canopy — water, bleed, and fade proof.
  • Patented elastic shock-cord.
  • A design original: a 7/8″ wide velcro closure system.
  • Unmatched time and investment in research and development.
  • Shaft & Runner – Exclusive Memory Rod Construction won’t crimp, rust, or bend out of shape. Proprietary Flexor Ribs™ spring back to their original shape.
  • Lightning resistant double reinforced fiberglass shaft and frame construction.
  • High impact joint connectors protect frame shape.
  • Elastic shock-cord – Exclusive rust-proof ribs and duel spreaders.
  • Patented wind pressure release expansion cord system goes with the flow to prevent tearing and leaking.
  • Ferrule – Lightning resistant double reinforced fiberglass shaft and frame construction.
  • Handle – High quality handle design in comfort grip rubber (shown).

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