Get A Chance To Win Rs 100 Flipkart Voucher By Just Clicking Selfie With Your Baby

Shweta Shah

Ah, that adorable, cute little bundle of joy in your arms! Yes, yes! Your baby. Wouldn’t you like to click a selfie with your sweet infant? Do it right away! Get A Chance To Win Rs 100 Flipkart Voucher. Maybe you would be lucky enough to be among the 7 winners who would feature on Flipkart Baby Care Page and will get gifts worth Rs. 1000. Yes, so stop what you are doing and click a lovely selfie. Smile!


How to get Rs 100 Flipkart Voucher By Just Clicking Selfie With Your Baby?

  1. Click here to go to the Store Page.
  2. Click a selfie with your baby in High resolution and mail it to with baby’s DOB.
  3. Be among the first 100 entrants to win voucher worth Rs. 100.
  4. Be among the 7 lucky winners and get gifts worth Rs. 1000 and feature on Flipkart’s Baby Care Page.

 Terms & Conditions (From the official page):

  1. The Contest is valid till 28th July.
  2. The validity of the entries will be at the sole discretion of the Flipkart Team.
  3. Flipkarts decision on the winners will be final and binding.
  4. Valid Entries will receive e-Gift Vouchers within 7 working days, after the contest ends.
  5. The Photographs collected as part of the contest can be used by Flipkart for any promotional material.

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