Get Adidas combo pack for just Rs.699 only.


Get Adidas combo pack for just Rs.699 only.

Get Adidas combo pack for just Rs.699 only which says ?Impossible is Nothing?

Why should girls have all the outlay ?

Have you ever think apart from food and beer what else you want in 24 hour run.

Let me guess a shower and a deodorant, that makes you alive without thinking ?Yeh Sunday kab aayega?.

No need to thanks us thanks to that brings your life on track with outstanding Adidas combo pack.

Get Adidas combo pack for just Rs.699 only.Adidas combo pack


This combo pack comes with  Adidas Team force shower gel + Ice dive deodorants.

This Adidas Team Force Shower Gel has been developed with athletes in order to give your body the right cleansing implement to keep you active and alert all day long.

 With a signature masculine fragrance, this shower gel will ensure to keep you energized for a whole day ahead.

 Men will love the refreshing and soothing effect of this Team Force shower gel and you can be sure that this makes a great gift for your boyfriend.

Composed of magnesium, this shower gel contains a pro-energy formula that will replenish your skin with nutrition and energy so even after a rigorous workout routine you feel energetic and refreshed enough to carry on with your day.

Adidas Ice Dive Deodorant Body Spray, developed with athletes to give you outstanding performance when you need it most.

This  aroma of Adidas combo pack certainly gives you perfect bathing experience.


How to Get Adidas combo pack  for just Rs.699 only.

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