Get Bajaj Juicer Mixer Grinder at Rs 2437 – 25% OFF


A Juicer Mixer Grinder is one thing that you need to have in your kitchen appliances. Who wants to make those juices and chop those garlics, onions and other vegetables with a knife? Healthkart is offering Bajaj Juicer Mixer Grinder at just Rs. 2437/-.

How to Get Bajaj Juicer Mixer Grinder at Rs 2437 – 25% OFF?

1. Go to Get Bajaj Juicer Mixer Grinder.

2. Click on PLACE ORDER and purchase it at just Rs. 2437/-.

Bajaj has offered the consumers a lot of good products with the latest technology available. This Juicer Mixer Grinder is another example of the company. It has 2 speed control with incher facility with which you can minimize and maximize the speed according to the need of the hour. It comes with 2 jars. In 1 jar you can make all the juices that you wish to relish and in the other jar you can cut and chop all the vegetables that you need for cooking purpose. This Juicer Mixer Grinder has a stainer/cutter which is easily detachable and washable. It also has a motor overload protector. With the 5 year warranty offered with the motor, you can stay absolutely tension free about its durability and usage. The product overall has a 2 year warranty.

Healthkart is a new portal that takes care of your heath by offering you such good products. With this Bajaj Juicer Mixer Grinder, you can make healthy juices to stay fit and strong. It is available for just Rs. 2437/- at Healthkart. So get it now!

Features and Benefits

  • 2 speed control with incher facility.
  • Motor overload protector.
  • Easily detachable and washable strainer/cutter.
  • 5 year guarantee on motor.
  • 2 year guarantee on product.

Bajaj JX4 Juicer Mixer Grinder Details:

Type  Juicer Mixer
Model JX4
Color White
Brand Bajaj
No of Jars 2
Blade Material
Power Consumption 450W
Service Type
Domestic Term 2 Years

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