Get Bajaj Popular Dry Iron for Rs 481 – Save Rs 369


Clothes with creases are a huge turn off, they have the power to wreck a perfect beautiful sunny morning. When we see creases and unwanted wrinkle – the first thought that comes to mind is a good iron. Irons not only iron out the creases from your clothes but also from your perfect little world. They instantly smooth the wrinkles from your clothes and also on your forehead. Buy Bajaj Popular Dry Iron for Rs 481

How to Buy Bajaj Popular Dry Iron for Rs 481?


Crisp wrinkle free  clothes make us much more presentable and are synonymous with corporate environs. A good iron has the capability to transform a regular garment to an impressive crisp garment. It keeps your clothes smart and crease-free. A business or professional meeting, a family function, a romantic dinner, a party night, a Sunday brunch – every occasion demands stylish and crisp clothes. Gone are the days of Dhobi-wala taking laundry clothes and bringing them back fully ironed. In today age, most households like to take care of basic chores like ironing clothes themselves.

Bajaj Popular Dry Iron not only does that cut cost with the ever rising inflation and falling rupee, but also is very portable. Its lightweight and compact. This dry iron features Non-stick coated soleplate for smooth gliding over all kinds of fabric. It does not let the fabric to stick to the iron in case of overheating. The Handle of this light weight dry iron is ergonomically designed for comfortable grip. The Swivel cord outlet of the Bajaj Popular Light Weight iron is designed for easy maneuverability. It reduces pressure on your palms and wrist during the extended ironing times.


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