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Sonali Singh

Nothing brings about a dashing spark in a man like coat or a blazer.But often blazers are associated with winters.But how about a blazer that is awesomely summer-cool?A blazer that looks dashingly sexy in summers too.A blazer that leaves you recognized in a huge crowd. Basics life brings to you Basics Life Slim Blazer.It comes to you at Rs 1735/- only.Save a huge Rs 743.

How to get the Basics Life Slim Blazer at Best Price?

  1. Shop for basics life slim blazer on
  2. Click on Add to Cart.
  3. Use Coupon Code: FASHION30 to enjoy extra discount of 20%.


Get a cool dude look with Basics Life Slim Blazer.A blazer that suits your personality brilliantly well. The Basics Life Slim Blazer comes in black color.It is styled with round buttons in the front.The Basics Life Slim Blazer is also styled with two pockets on each partition.The pockets come with a lid like cover.This gives them a unique look.The color black of the Basis Life Slim Blazer is very regal.It adds a lot of appeal the blazer.The blazer is extremely summer-cool.It can be worn in summers’ party or any occasion.It will not let you feel exhausted because of temperature.

The Basics Life Slim Blazer is crafted from pure cotton.The cotton is of super quality and is skin-friendly.You can team the blazer well with different jovial colors.You can also try very bright and graphic designs with the blazer.It can also be experimented with new geometric designs.The designs that are rare and motifs that are classic.The smart collars of the blazer give it a yet more sexy look.It can also be well gelled with white trousers and shirts.It makes you look hot sexy and cool at the same time.It gives your persona an eye-grabbing look and is very regal.Team them with royal form shoes and be differently different in crowd.

Product Details:

  • This product is part of the Basics Blazers line made of 100% Cotton.
  • Plain Slim Fit Blazers that come in Black Color.
  • Casual that comes with None away.

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Rs. 3099
Rs. 1735