Get Belkin 36cm Slim Backpack for Rs 694 Only

Shweta Anand

I have always wanted a bag that holds everything in it! The Belkin 36cm Slim Backpack fulfills that wish of mine perfectly! I know it would fit My laptop along with all its extensive accessories the hordes of wires and also my little bits of items that I don’t want to carry separately… and when it comes for just Rs. 694/- that very awesome wish seems like a gift! 😀 That’s right brings you  a solid 65% off on a superbly slim laptop bag that is sleek, stylish and superbly comfortable!

How to get Belkin 36cm Slim Backpack for Rs 694 only?

  1. Click to Get Belkin 36cm Slim Backpack for Rs 694 Only.
  2. Click on BUY NOW!

Do note, that this deal on the Belkin 36cm Slim Backpack is a limited period offer and there is a constant timer ticking and number of pieces being sold every second counted… Seeing that and the sleek beauty of the Belkin 36cm Slim Backpack you know you do not want to wait for it! What’s priced at Rs. 1999/- comes to you for only Rs. 694! You get to save Rs. 1,305/-! You also have 0% EMI options. Now tell me doesn’t bring you good offers!? Haha!

Presenting the new Belkin 36cm Slim Backpack which has compartments for everything from pens, business cards, credit cards, power supplies as well as your other notebook accessories. The shoulder straps and backside of the slim Backpack have extra padding and breathable mesh for maximum support and comfort. Convenient headphone grommet provides access to your MP3 player while keeping it safe and stored in a secure pocket.


  • Features:
    • Lightweight
    • Durable polyester exterior
    • Plush soft-touch lining
    • Convenient headphone grommet
    • Compatible for 15.4-inch notebooks
  • Free delivery across India
  • Inclusive of all taxes and service charges
  • Multiple vouchers can be purchased and gifted


Brand: Belkin

Type: Laptop Backpack

Material: Polyester

Size (WxDxH)(mm): 457.2×317.5×127

Compatibility: 15.4″ Laptop

Warranty: Lifetime

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  1. Balram

    If you carry a backpack over campus. What is the function completed by a vertical carrying force found on the backpack?


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