Get Best Brands Lingerie for Women from Myntra at Best Discounts

Sonali Singh

Get the lady inside you a pampering treat. Get all the comfort inside and enjoy the carefree attitude outside. brings a wide range of bras and lingerie for women. Bringing to you at the best discounts from the best brands. Check out for a massive range that will fetch you surely the best. So get ease in your life and stay calm and composed without caring about the discomfort. Check out details and get the one for you now.

How to get the best brands lingerie for women?

  1. Shop to get the lingerie for women here.
  2. Browse, pick and click on BUY NOW.

From sleek to broad fit to whopper bras. From t-shirt bras to bras under tops and blouse. Check out the humongous collection on Also not only the shape and size but also a myriad number of colors. From padded to sports. From full cupped to small cupped. Check out some of the fantastic recommendations.

Some Recommendations :

Prestitia Women Set of 3 Printed Briefs Rs 255/- Get these vibrant colored panties at hugely reduced price. The soft fabric is very comfortable on the skin. Also the look at happening colors make you feel elated. Also the shape and cut allows free movement of legs.

Myntra lingerie sale1

Prestitia Maroon Whopper Bra 1016 Rs 496/- The beautiful lace bra enhances your feminine look. Perfectly fitting on your curves, it gives the perfect shape. The soft texture is very much skin-friendly.

Myntra lingerie sale2

Lovable Brown Pack of 2 Bras CES122 Rs 570/-. The bras will never let you go off your womanhood. The design of the bras is U-shaped and gives full coverage.

Myntra lingerie sale3

Lovable Set of 2 White Bras CES 122 Rs 570/-  The bra has seamless cups. It is also inspired by the very famous U-frame. Providing full support, it allows free movement.

Myntra lingerie sale4

Enamor Brown Bra DB 05 Rs 895/

Myntra lingerie sale5

Enamor Women Set of 3 Briefs CR01 Rs 360/-. The set of briefs comes from the house of Enamor. These are low waist bikini briefs that provide all the comfort.

Myntra lingerie sale6

Check out some more lingerie here.

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  1. Henna

    what exactly is it like to wear a bra? plus what was it like getting an initial bra? i will have to buy one soon.


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