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Sonalee Sarkar

Not so long ago, when you wanted to buy a new iPhone, the choice came down to one thing: how much storage would you get and, as a result, how much would you pay? The technology savy company Apple gets a new phone in its mobile phones category. Made with the latest software and hardware is your Apple Iphone 5. Now get a discount when you buy Apple iphone 4S 8gb from  Snapdeal . Get this Apple iPhone 4S for Rs 19,450 at amazon , even in Flipkart its available for Rs 20,304.

How to get this Apple iPhone at discounted price of Rs 19,448?

  1. Click here to buy it now.
  2. Select this product and add it to shopping cart.
  3. Proceed to checkout and make payment.

Get Best Deal on Apple iPhone 4S at just Rs 21,999
When you buy the Apple iPhone 4S you can call this a forward thinking phone. The Apple designers and engineers found ways to add even more features while preserving the thin, light design. These features are not just what’s technologically possible, but what’s technologically useful.

Play your  most graphically advanced games as smoothly as possible. With the touch sensor identity your every purchase on i tunes and app store is made much easier.

Be a buyer now and that too buy now from the discount at amazon. Follow the saying that if you do not have an iPhone its like you have no mobile phone.

Product features:-

  1. 8 GB internal memory.
  2. 8 mp primary camera.
  3. 3.5 inches touch screen.
  4. iOS operating system.
  5. One year manufacturer warranty.

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Rs 31,500
Rs 19,448