Buy Zovi Black And Blue Sports Shoes for Men at Rs 499

Sonali Singh

One’s feet walk an uncountable number of miles a day.Enduring all the weight of one’s body on themselves, feet are a crucial part of the body.When we take utmost care of each part of our body, then why feet should be taken for granted. Rather they should be given priority.

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Zovi Sports Shoes
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Now mollycoddle your feet, and give them a comfortable partner to motivate your feet to walk more and more, with the black and blue shoes. Fabricated with  a robust material, the sports shoes for men are tough and survives almost anything.The use of porous material,makes the shoes airy and never let your feet become sweaty and moisturized.And hence never giving you that uncomfortable feeling of wet feet inside.Giving you a firmer grip, the sports shoes, give you an upward lift hence making your walking, running or jogging completely easy and light.

The light weighted sports shoes are a beautiful combination of blue and black color, as both the colors are reckoned royal, and making the shoes look all trendy and sporty.Best teamed with track-suits or trekking outfit, the sports shoe are a perfect casual wear even hen slouching in the house, or making a rigorous jog in the morning.

Casual and comfortable shoes set the pace right. Here are black sports shoes with comfortable cushion for stress free active wear. The shoes feature black lace and blue and grey accents. The shoes are also designed with maximum grip along the sole styled with blue accents. Match your attitude with these trend setting sports shoes for men are also very regal and style enhancer.

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Rs 499