Get Converse All Stars College Backpacks at FLAT Rs 799


When the cute and cuddly you of the 5th grade turns into a cool dude or dudette of college, that Ben10 backpack of yours has to convert too. When you grow, you conform to the style that is in. Even if it is something like your backpack and here is where the Converse All Stars College Backpacks come into play!

How to get Converse All Stars College Backpacks at 50% off – Buy at flat Rs 799!

1. Get the Converse All Stars College backpacks at 50% Off here
2. Click on ‘Buy Now’

It’s worn by bros and gals all over the Earth. You do care about fashion, practicality and preparedness. Life is a journey and you want to be ready for anything at all times. What’s in the backpack? Bottles of water, snacks, an umbrella (just in case), books, condoms (just in case), laptop, iPad, phone and all their appropriate chargers, a sandwich, clean swipes. Backpack people have probably had the same backpack for YEARS. You know why? because Converse All Stars College Backpacks never go out of fashion! Who said fashion is expensive? The MRP of this product is Rs 1599 but you can own it for  Rs. 799 which is the special deal price! That is 50% FLAT off!

Since the dawn of the time, they have been the dynamic definition of fashion and those who want to look apart from the rest have relied on them. Every product from Converse not just shoes or belts, even backpacks have garnered so much attention that people actually feel jealous of those who wear it! Don’t you want people to feel jealous of you? You know you do! Buy the Converse All Stars College Backpacks and set the mercury high! It doesn’t get any better than this!

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Rs 1599
Rs 799