Get Deluxe Body Massager JSB03 for Rs. 950

Shweta Anand

A full day’s work, be it in front of a computer screen or driving around town on field duty, is bound to give you aches that would make god seem cruel! Well trust me, he isn’t! He sent us to give relief options in the form of Deluxe Body Massager JSB03. knows just how to treat people well.

How to Get Deluxe Body Massager JSB03 for Rs. 950?

Deluxe Body Massager JSB03
Get Deluxe Body Massager JSB03 for Rs. 950 only at
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With the Deluxe Body Massager JSB03, you could experience a soothing massage entwined with a therapeutic approach to bring relief to every tired and aching parts of your body.

This 03 Deluxe Powerful Full Bis a hand-held massager, which offers versatile functionalities that are capable of relaxing your body.

Integrated with a Massage Intensity Controller, this massager comes with different intensity levels. You have the freedom to choose the desired setting in accordance to the intensity of your body ache.

The shape is bioncis designed with dog cartoon image and very attractive, 3 sets of movable massage heads and non-slip rubber handle, Dual balls for heads with powerful massage, adjustable speed at will.

Gentlemen, Imagine days when you have just worked so much that you can not move! but there are kids at home who ned your attention and Kinds mean movement! Well… have no worries! Deluxe Body Massager JSB03 would take away all the pain and revitalise you in minutes!

And Ladies, we know how much you work, at home, and you are a professional, then at office too! We will say no more cause you know you want it! It’s all yours… right here!!

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