Get Axe Denim Deodorant 150ML For Rs 110 Only


What’s that smell? S-w-e-e-t! So the market has the new Axe Denim Deodorant 150mL For Rs 110 which totally gives your senses a new sensation. Get the effective 24 hour protection from foul odors, and some lasting fragrances with Denim Deodorant 150mL For Rs 110. The long lasting protection provided by the fragrance gives you blooming confidence that keeps you cheerful all day long!

Denim Deodorant 150mL
Denim Deodorant 150mL


How to buy Axe Denim Deodorant 150mL For Rs 110

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Wearing Denim Deodorant 150mL For Rs 114 keeps your fresh and radiant all day long. And why not? Denim is a brand which needs no introduction or explanation. It is known for its quality and reliant genuineness. Denim Deodorant 150mL allows you to be free of worry. You need not worry about your body odour anymore. Whether you’re headed to your dance practise or football training, just keep this denim deodorant handy and you are set to rock the world. it refreshes your mood up.  Stay power: The deodorant sprays remain effective for about eight hours. This product offers a 100% genuine guarantee and come with Manufacturer’s warranty

Key Feature


Fragrance Specification

150 ml.

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  1. my armpits sweat a TON i mean a TON!!!! I have soaked thru a think denim jacket before… they sweat allll the time.. even if its cold plus i have no reason 2 sweat. Im going 2 begin a fresh school inside the fall plus i learn its going 2 b nervewrecking, meaning im gonna be sweating insanely!!!!! are there any remedies or anything to aid me stop perspiration, or could u givve me any tips to at least keep it from showing because much?? will deodorants work?


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