Get Extra 10% OFF on Padmini Gas stove – CS-4GT Jalwa at Indiatimes

Kajal Mehta

Indiatimes shopping is the most resourceful and ultra practical online store. With undeniable offers and deals. Prices that will astonish you. Get major discounts on the smallest of the items. Shop Gladly. Buy the brand new Padmini Gas Stove CS 4GT. Indiatime shopping provides you with the trendy Padmini Gas Stove CS 4GT at RS.3838 only.

How to buy the conventional Padmini Gas Stove CS 4GT:

  1. Go to buy Padmini Gas Stove CS 4GT.
  2. Click on the Gas Stove.
  3. Use the Indiatimes shopping coupon code: DIWALIMELA for an additional 10% discount.
  4. Add to Cart.
  5. Go to Buy Now.
  6. Delivery in 6-10 business days.
  7. Free shipping.

Gas Stove is the most indispensable unit in the kitchen. All the people who love to cook would agree to this. We understand your needs. We bring to you the improvised Padmini Gas Stove CS 4GT to fulfill your needs. It is very easy to clean and maintain. Made with high quality genuine material. It is truly unique and more than satisfactory for the people using it. Padmini is a renowned brand. It is known for it quality products that are designed for customer’s comfort.

Buy the Padmini Gas Stove CS 4GT at an irresistible offer. This is lesser than the market price. It is resistant to stains and is sturdy. It is made with toughened glass cook top. This makes it highly durable and easy to use. It comes with four burners. This enables you to cook four items at one time. With the classy look, it blends easily in your kitchen. The color adds vibrancy and classiness to your cooking area. It fits very easily without any hassles.

Padmini Gas Stove CS 4GT comes with a one year warranty period. It has an international body design. The well designed knobs in the front are easy to operate. The wide spacing in between the burners allows you to place big utensils on the burners easily.

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  1. ubdulla

    We are specialists for the sale of Burner Gas Stove – and we would like to you send your products with prices for commercial quantities and final prices.

    • Raju Pradhan

      Hi ubdulla,

      These Gas Stoves are available with Indiatimes, who are partner with


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