Get Free Magic Pan Pizza on Order of Rs. 200/- Pizza Hut Offer

Sowmya Nair

The soft delicious taste-bud awakening flavor of a pizza cannot be explained in mere words. Are you salivating already? We don’t blame you. Soft well kneaded, well baked dough with a generous spread of cheese, delicious jalapenos, chicken or mushroom served hot hot.. yum, can’t talk anymore. HAVE TO EAT IT RIGHT NOW! How about getting a free pizza along with your order? We see you smiling. Here’s a deal worth that smile of yours. Get a Pizza Hut Free Magic Pan Pizzaon an order of Rs. 200. Yes, that’s right. Pizza Hut Free Magic Pan Pizza packed and ready just for you! All you have to do is place your order and ensure that it’s over Rs. 200.

How to Get Pizza Hut Free Magic Pan Pizza on Order of Rs. 200:

Get Free Magic Pan Pizza on Order of Rs. 200/-Pizza Hut free Magic Pan Pizza

  1. Click Here to get Free Pizza
  2. Order  online for a minimum of Rs. 200
  3. Use Pizza Hut Coupon Code PHE46 to get Pizza Hut Free Magic Pan Pizza
  4. Enjoy your delicious meal!

We’ve all seen the ads for Magic Pan Pizza and have been dying to taste it. Here’s your big chance. You get to eat your Pizza Hut favorite AND a magic pan pizza. Now that’s a deal cut out for greedy fans. Aren’t all of us greedy when it comes to Pizza? Take this big opportunity and get a bite of the Pizza Hut Free Magic Pan Pizza. If you are strong enough, fight all your friends and eat the whole thing. When it comes to Pizzas, there’s only one person important person. And that’s you! 😉

7 Responses to “Get Free Magic Pan Pizza on Order of Rs. 200/- Pizza Hut Offer”

  1. Mahant

    Pizza hut mentioned we receive a free pizza of the month because free which goes with the purchase. How come each month it is very usually Dealstan?

  2. Vanajit

    I like Sbarro better their pizza tastes good. It puts pizza hut to shame. I want Sbarro was inside my immediate region. I don’t like driving to the mall to meet my cravings for gourmet pizza.

  3. Chandresh

    I personally cannot stand Pizza Hut. It makes it an convenient choice whenever the localized pizza parlor has THE BEST pizza inside a 100 mile radius.

  4. Sahen

    I don’t know why I am mentioning it here but I’ve got a job interview at 4 on Tuesday for Pizza hut.
    I was thinking what kind of questions they would ask. plus anything inside specific that i must do/bring/wear?

  5. Sameer

    On tv pizza hut has a commercial which states any size pizza, any toppings plus any crust for 9.99. Ok, i purchase 5 big stuffed crust pizzas with pepperoni plus 3 big stuffed crust with sausage plus 2 big stuffed crust with really cheese. This was for my son’s party. I figured 10 pizzas at 9.95 because advertised will be approx. 100.00 and taxes. Whenever i picked up the pizzas the man mentioned it was 120.00 and taxes. I told him the pizzas are just 9.95. He mentioned not for stuffed crust because they are 12.00 every. I told him i wasn’t paying which plus left the shop without the pizzas. I won’t ever return to pizza hut again. Can i sue them for false advertising?? Shame on pizza hut.


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