Get Free Personalised City Maps delivered at Home


This is another freebie which our deal team hunted, well under this you will be getting beautiful KML Map delivered to your home directly. There are a number of cities on list and also there cities from India, for which you can register and get Personalised City Maps.


How to get KML Personalised City Maps for Free:

Follow these simple steps and you will get the map for free!

  1. Go to the page here.
  2. Click on “Create My Own Free Map” button.
  3. Select your destination city and click Next.
  4. Enter your Name and you are ready to create your own map online.

After you done with creating trips, and other places to the map, proceed for pacing order to get the physical copy of map delivered to your doorstep.

One Response to “Get Free Personalised City Maps delivered at Home”

  1. Prateek Ranjan

    I like to place 3 placemarks on 1 satellite shot. However GE appears to accept just 1 plus can create brand-new files for each alternative region mark.

    How could I have 3 on 1 image including text to each placemark?

    Please don’t refer me to GE tutorials. I couldn’t discover the appropriate answers there.

    Thanks ahead of time.


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