Get Intex Computer M-m Speaker It-880s at Rs 599 – 33% OFF


The Intex Computer M-m speaker It-880s multimedia speaker is awsome in performance at its unmatching price. It is uncomparable with other speakers of same price. If you are searching for a set of speaker for your PC/Laptop/Mobile in price range of 500-600, then these speakers is undoubtly the best. These speakers provide a very good sound quality and because of its compact size it can easily fit anywhere. This is a complete worth for money pack.

How to buy Intex Computer M-m speaker at Rs 599?

  • Buy Intex computer M-m speaker It-880s at only Rs.599.
  • Click on buy now.
  • Proceed to payment.
  • Make safe payment.
  • Free home delivery.
  • Product dispatched in 3 business days.
  • Enjoy the product.

Intex computer M-m speaker are the best speakers that one can use while watching your favourite movie, or listening to song. Having a party at home just simply attach these speakers to your sound system and enjoy the bereak free, groove moving beats that simply make your party outstanding than the other. Stylish black design and portable size makes this speaker set a perfect accessory for your laptop. The magnetically shielded speakers provide clear sound at the lowest of decibels. The front panel of the speaker has controls for volume and bass adjustment as well. It also has a socket for attaching headphones so that you can listen to music directly.

The main woofer cum speaker has a sound output of 8 watts while the satellites have an output of 2 watts. It can easily comply with all types of laptops and computers since it supports all operating system drivers. Moreover, because it comes from the reputed brand of Intex, you can be sure of the quality. Intex Computer M-m speaker that now can be bought at Rs.599 only is one of the best mini speakers with such low pricing with maximum output benefit in the entire market. Your local market areas will not be able to provide you with this brand quality mini speakers.

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  1. I have an intex subwoofer 2.1 that had 2 speaker that went inside the sub woofer with respective aux slots plus an aux cable was connected to the computer nevertheless today which it isnt functioning anymore i got me the pair of usb philips speaker . I am thinking how do i connect it to create my subwoofer plus speajr function together. Please aid.


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