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Fatima Ansari

Do you feel uncomfortable with earphones? Then you are more of a headphone person. Love listening to music without getting disturbed? Have too many long distance friends? We have the perfect accessory for you. Dealstan brings you headphones with mic. The KolorFish H-50 Headphones with mic is just for INR 159/- only.

How to buy KolorFish H-50 Headphones with mic at Rs 159 Only ?

  1. Go to buy KolorFish H-50 Headphones with mic.
  2. Click on buy now.

Yes, you read it right. It is just for INR 159/-. The actual price is INR 199/-. The headphone promises to give you the best sound quality. Helping you enjoy your music to the fullest. It will make you feel as if you have a world of your own. As compared to earphones, headphones give you a more noise-free experience. If you have friends, relatives abroad this headphone is all you need. The headphone comes with an attached mic. The headphones with mic is great way to help you skype. The mic can be easily adjusted. Clarity at its best. The classic black design. All this makes this headphones with mic a must-have. The cord length is long enough. So you can comfortably listen to music. You can even relax and talk to people. All good offers comes with an expiry date. even this one. Offer valid only till today.

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Rs 199
Rs 159