Get Lee Jeans Upto 30% Off and Extra 50% Off from Rs. 1425

Sonali Singh

With the advent of the western style of fashion in India, there has been a lot of fusion and mingling  between the  Indian style and the western sense of clothing. And like these experiments, never ceased, they has always given birth to some contemporary stuffs, that has mostly been accepted by the people lovingly and they followed it.  Jeans,a similar clothing from the west, today, has its inexorable existence in everybody’s wardrobe, be it men or women. And even men have made it on par with the women in developing the voguish sense. Lee, a name that has made its mark in clothing bring for men,a sheer variety of Lee Jeans at just a price of Rs 1425, with raining discounts.

How to get the Lee Jeans at huge discounts?

  1. Click to view the variety of Lee Jeans.
  2. Browse thousands of style and Jeans presented.
  3. Pick your color and size.
  4. Choose your style and fabric.
  5. Click on image to view your jeans.
  6. Click on BUY.
  7. Use promo code : BRANDS, to get an extra 25% off on your jeans.
  8. You can make your order now.
  • Cash on delivery available.
  • Free delivery.
  • Dispatched in 3 business days.

Crafted from the best quality cotton, the Lee Jeans, comes in standard fit, and fits your body extremely well.Cut and stitched generously, the Lee Jeans give your rear view a decent look and hence maintaining your gentility. The brand Lee, is known for its superb quality, and brings to you a variety that is hard to find in an any normal store.Ranging from regular to slim fit, ravishing colors, ranging from black and blue to very bright and peppy numbers.

Team your Lee Jeans with tees, or shirts, and casual shoes or even slippers, and they will work wonders to your personality, giving you a funky cool look.Brought to you by snapdeal, it also deals in similar other brands and you can have a quick glance at the brand like Alano jeans, Fever Jeans, Delhi Seven Jeans,Phoenix Jeans, these too are excellent brands.

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  1. The lee carpenter jeans I purchase today usually rip at the back pockets plus at the belt loops. I am tired of paying for these when they will do this. Any suggestions out here for we do it yourselfers which like carpenter jeans?


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