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Microsoft bluetooth mobile keyboard 5000  -Ooh, keyboards. Exciting, right?! Oh, are you nonplussed? Get over it dude: The concept is of a single keyboard that works really well across all of your computers, tablets, and even your phones is actually something incredibly appealing.




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It needs to be said: This keyboard looks great.Key-presses are downright dreamy—these ‘boards have just the right amount of give, and you can absolutely fly on them while making very few errors. Well, at least we could.People often complain about the costs of keyboards. we think that shows an incorrect skew of priorities.Our view is that there are only three things you interact with–screen, keyboard and pointing device. It would do everyone well to priorities these things ahead of the last extra bit of processor speed or some other irrelevance. A good keyboard will greatly influence accuracy,The Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000 works with any Bluetooth-equipped laptop, but it really shines when used with an i pad, iPhone, iPod touch or android tablet or smartphone, giving you a comfortable keyboard that’s truly portable.  Kudos to Microsoft bluetooth mobile keyboard 5000 for offering the keyboard at a lower price without that occasionally useful keypad,in and frustration and keyboards are comparatively cheap . Summing up, if you’re one who likes to place a keyboard in your lap, but don’t want the heat and weight of a laptop sitting on you all day long, this keyboard will be ideal. Beyond that, if you like Microsoft’s “comfort curve” design often find yourself needing to type on an iOS or Android device, this well-designed keyboard is worthy of your Rs 999.

Product description

  1. Brand: Microsoft
  2. Color: Black
  3. Interface: USB 2.0
  4. Palm rest: yes


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