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You are just back from work and you have to attend this party which is the talk of the town. You have everything planned, the gorgeous dress, shoes, accessories. But wait a minute! you suddenly remembered that you forgot to wax, you had an insanely busy week. Unwanted hair is a downright spoiler. All of us goes through this moment and then we turn shave and over time your skin darkens. A silky, smooth and hairless body is what every women wants, but going to a parlour for waxing is not only expensive but painful  and time consuming too. Get a hassle free smooth skin in min by using Morphy Richards Epitravel Epilator. Today you can buy it for Rs 1425 Only!

How to Buy Morphy Richards Epitravel Epilator at Rs 1425?



Who needs wax or horrible smelling creams? Without the gooey mess, you can use epilators anywhere even when traveling or on the go. Taking care of your health and beauty in the comforts of your own home is a lot more convenient than visiting a beauty salon. At times while getting ready for work or for a party or a special evening out, you don’t have ample time at hand to visit a salon. Epilators lasts longer than a razor and you don’t have to make repeated purchase. Unlike razors and hair removal creams  epilators removes unwanted hair from the roots, does not remove a stubble and the effect lasts longer .

Designed to make hair removal easy and quick, the Morphy Richards Epitravel Epilator is an ideal appliance for anyone who wants to soft and smooth skin within minutes. It features a sleek, modern design that is easy to use, making it suitable for anyone. It includes one speed setting and has 9 tweezers which is suitable for using on all areas of the body and is also ideal for touch ups. The epilator comes with a dusting brush which makes cleaning off the hair a trouble free job. If you are interested in taking charge of your beauty in your hands, buy Morphy Richards Epitravel Epilator for Rs 1425 Only@ Order today!

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