Get Nova 522 Ceramic Hair Straightener at Rs 146 Only

Fatima Ansari

Hair straightener’s have become a beauty essential in every woman’s closet. Once in a while every girl loves the sleek lustrous look that you get after ironing your hair. And if you have fringes and bangs falling on your forehead, you almost need a hair straightener every alternate day to make your hair fall at the right place. Dealstan brings you an OMG deal that you will not believe. Now Nova 522 Ceramic Hair Straightener is available at just INR 146/-.


How to buy Get Nova Ceramic Hair Straightener at Rs 146 Only:

  1. Go to this Hair Straightener by clicking here.
  2. Click on buy now.

It is hardly one fourth of what you would be spending at a salon to get your hair straightened. Nova is a well known brand for hair products. The ceramic plates used in the Nova 522 Ceramic Hair Straightener is absolutely safe and as you would know ceramic does very less damage to your hair compared to other plates. Hair straighteners have become a necessity for every women especially for occasions like receptions, parties, festivals and so on. Comes with a warranty, this Nova 522 Ceramic Hair Straightener is extremely safe on the hair.

4 Responses to “Get Nova 522 Ceramic Hair Straightener at Rs 146 Only”

  1. I straighten my hair like about when each 10 days. Is it bad? I utilize a tourmaline/ceramic hair straightener. I furthermore usually utilize a heat protector, yet my mother keeps suggesting all my hair will fall out.
    I have thick, curly hair, plus I employ a moisturizing conditioner plus shampoo (Bed Head’s Moisture Maniac). Will this damage my hair over time a lot?
    Is there anything else I could do to lower damage? THANK YOU!!


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Rs 499
Rs 146