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Like all other products, even your laptop needs some pampering. Get Original Dell Laptop Bag for your laptop at just Rs. 299/- only. This bag surely would protect your laptop from all the unexpected incidences.

How to Get Original Dell Laptop Bag?

1. Go to Get Original Dell Laptop Bag .

2. Click on BUY NOW and get it for just Rs. 299/-.

If you’re a professional and you have to carry your laptop wherever you go, then this Original Dell Laptop Bag would surely fulfill your need by giving you the ease in carrying your laptop everywhere. Whether it may be your meetings, conferences or those casual presentations, this laptop bag would take care of your laptop pretty well and would help you to stay tension free about it.

This Original Dell Laptop Bag, made with quality heavy-duty nylon, is strong and comfortable to carry. It has a 8mm heavy strength zip which would keep your laptop safe in there. It has two zip compartment, so you can accommodate your laptop charger as well as other laptop accessories like a hard disc, pen drive, USB cable etc. Its durable and light-weight. So while you carry your laptop in there, this bag has no more extra weight to give your shoulders more pain. You can easily travel with this bag in the local train, buses or metro.

So if you’re thinking to buy a bag for your laptop and that too in low price, then this Original Dell Laptop Bag surely suits your bill. Get it for just Rs. 299/- from Tradus right now!

  • Two zip compartment.
  • 8mm heavy strength zip.
  • Net Bottle Compartment.
  • Durable, heavy-duty nylon.
  • Lightweight padding.
  • Strong and comfortable
Specification of Original Dell Laptop Bag
Brand Dell
Accessory Type Laptop Bag
Warranty 15 Days Against Manufacturing Defects
Product Weight (g) 500

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