Get Padmini CS-201 Gas Cooktop at Rs 899 Only from SnapDeal


In this age of inflation are you looking for a sleek, sturdy and affordable gas stove? While constructing our kitchen we give utmost importance to our cooking appliance and this fact attests the importance we place up on quality and performance of your cooking equipment. We understand this importance and have designed and built this Padmini CS-201 Gas Cooktop with quality materials and workmanship to give years of dependable service.

How to buy  Padmini CS-201 Gas Cooktop at Rs 899 Only

  1. Click on Padmini CS-201 Gas Cooktop.
  2. Click on ‘Buy Now’.
  3. Before making payment enter Coupon code: USD962BA99 to avail a Rs 250 OFF. 

There are lot of cheaper versions of Gas cooktops flooded the market, however they lack quality and promise that Padmini CS-201 Gas Cooktop brings to you. Utilize the latest kitchen products to cook elegantly and effortlessly.

Nothing excites people more than food, they have the capacity to bring an entire family together. Cooking is a much an art as it is a science. It is often said that cooking is therapeutic and it can also be great fun. Housewives love to show off their kitchen to guests more than any other room. An ideal kitchen appliance should be functional as well as adds beauty . Our products deliver both disciplines in equal measure. We hold just one promise- it adds value to your kitchen. Padmini is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of wide range of Kitchen Gas Stove; L. P. Gas appliances have set new benchmarks in the industry with its quality products. Complying with international quality standard and designs, our products offer the entire gamut of latest features. Bring home your latest Gas cook top for Rs 899 Only!


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