Get Paragon Mens Sandals and Chappals for Rs 399 Only


All of us have literally grown up wearing paragon sandals and chappals, jumped in puddles of water wearing our chappals. They always invoke a sense of nostalgia.  No doubt they are the most trusted footwear brand in India. Paragon Sandals and chappals are perfect for Indian summers and monsoons. Its durable, trendy and comfortable. Today we bring to you an extensive range of paragon mens sandals for Rs 399 Only.

How to Get Paragon Mens Sandals and Chappals for Rs 399 Only:


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Grey Spotted Strappy Sandals at Rs 449

Grey Spotted Strappy Sandals

Dark Brown And Black With Metal Accessory Sandal at Rs 449

Dark Brown And Black With Metal Accessory Sanda

Bold Blue Velcro Summer Sandals at Rs 449

 Bold Blue Velcro Summer Sandals

Reading out on a water logged road? No problem. Heading out for a movie and a dinner date? No Problem at all. Paragon Sandals and Chappals are there for your rescue. Nothing can beat the comfort of the most trusted brand of sandals and chappals, Paragon.

They need little or no introduction in the Indian sub-continent. The Paragon Group of companies is considered No. 1 in the organized rubber footwear sector. While rubber footwear continues to be its leading product, the Paragon brand name brings its longstanding assurance of quality and durability to a full range of footwear. Sandals and chappals are the most oldest and popular form of footwear in India and there is absolutely no doubt that it still popular in the 21st Century. They have become part of the fashion landscape as much as athletic shoes, jeans and t-shirts.

Fashion has moved in the direction of more casual-wear, footwear has also changed, driven by innovative Sandals and Chappals. Paragon Mens sandals and chappals are perfectly encapsulated in their laid back footwear. With a hard wearing, yet playful edge, these soft rubber slippers are sure to impress! paragon mens sandals and chappals are a popular form of footwear among those who value the ease and flexibility of this type of sandals.



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  1. Vicky Arora

    i have a query, where do we receive those hindu dot thingees?
    i was told they are like stickers plus are velvet or anything.
    thank we ahead of time


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