Get Philips SHS 3216 In-the-ear Headphone For Rs 274


Its a one day sale guys !! Get this trendy Philips SHS In-the-ear Headphones for just Rs 274 , giving you all a straight discount of 45% . Excited ? It has behind the ears design and completely fit to your ears giving you more clarity  in sound . Now replace your old head phones with this new Philips SHS 3216 in-the-ear headphone .


How to get Philips SHS 3216 In-the-ear Headphone :

  • Go to Philips in-the-ear Headphone.
  • Click on ” buy now”
  • Don’t forget to apply the coupon code SCPE74 to buy Philips SHS 3216 In-the-ear Headphone For Rs 274 .

Well , the actual price of the headphones is 499 , And the deal price is Rs 474 .So , it is the best time to save your 255 rs and get the amazing philips SHS 3216 In-the-ear Headphone . This wired head phone set is not only a trend setter in its design but also the quality , it gives is just awesome . The sound clarity is too good , and you also get rid of those crackling interruptions from your old head phones .

This white and blue color head phones are just too comfortable to your ears as they gets easily fit to the ears . This wired ear-hook design are very trendy and stylish. Also , you will a warranty of minimum 6 months and product will be delivered at your doorsteps in 5-7 days itself . You will definitely make an impression with this cool head set piece among your friends . So do not miss this offer friends . Order today because its just a one day sale . You won’t get an exciting offer like this any soon again .

Product Details:

  • Wired
  • In-the-ear Headphones
  • 1.2 m Cable
  • Behind-the-ear Design

12 Responses to “Get Philips SHS 3216 In-the-ear Headphone For Rs 274”

  1. I don’t know how it happened but my ZAGG headphones broke, the earbud cords came out of the volume adjuster. Is this covered by the warranty? If so how can I get new ones? Are their better headphones? (in ear or whatever you call the big ones that go over your ears) which ones should I get?

  2. Dharamveer

    I’ve been rockin’ my ipod headphones that are ear-bud style, and they keep falling out. Generally when I ride don’t wear a beanie so there is nothing to hold them in. So I need something ear-bud that won’t fall out and has good quality audio.

  3. Dyumna

    im looking to buy new headphones and i really don’t know what i want. i know i want a sennheiser but i see that they sell audiophile headphones, noise cancelling headphones and idk which one to get. i want a sennheiser that produces the very best quality especially for music and movies and is comfortable too and i want to know which one is more suited for me. should i get the sennheiser HD-555 or the HD 280? or any other suggestions from sennheiser?

  4. Divyendu

    I just recently purchaced Sony headphones that were made for iphone and ipod. Anyways how do I take very good care of headphones in general. Pleas give me tips, dos & donts and what I can do to maximumize my headphones life.

  5. Chitrabhanu

    Recently my iPod headphones seem to be going downhill in terms of sound quality. And now, I need to buy a replacement pair. I would like to buy a different brand, rather than Apple’s headphones.

    I need suggestions as to what would fit in the ear comfortably, and sound good.

  6. Chinmay

    I connected the headphones, but the speakers are still connected.

    How do I switch it over without disconnecting one of them?

  7. Chiradeep

    I like to play drums along to my favorite songs and was using ipod headphones and i blew them out or they kept falling out. I was thinking of getting headphones that cover my whole ear but i don’t know which ones to get.

  8. Avanindra

    I have tried buying a pair of plug type headphones but they still fall out. I’ve tried putting the wires around my neck and/or ears in all sorts of ways but they still fall out. I have tried sticky tape and that works, but it is annoying.

    Does anyone know how I can keep them in?

  9. Brahmabrata

    I need certain wise headphones with a great deal of bass which like vibrates a complete head. And I learn beats by dre have alot of bass yet the bass distorts the sound standard. So that headphones have a TON of bass?

  10. Chitrada

    I have Sony wireless headphones (MDR-RF970R) plus I have to connect them to my TV (Samsung LN40D550), however, my TV doesn’t have a headphone jack. I’d like to be capable to utilize the headphones for somebody with hearing issues, thus the headphones would should function simultaneously because the TV speakers.


  11. Deepak

    My headphones fell down plus today 1 side is weaker than the different. Any method to repair them?


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