Get Puma Sports Sandals at Rs 829 – 51% OFF from shopclues



For all those who don’t like wearing sports shoes much, sports sandals is always the best choice. And what can be a better deal when you get Puma Sports Sandals for just Rs. 829/-?

How to Get Get Puma Sports Sandals at Rs 829 – 51% OFF from shopclues :

  1. Go to and get Puma Sports Sandals.
  2. Apply Discount Coupon code SCPF29 to Buy Puma Helium Sports Sandals For Rs 829.

Sports shoes can be worn anywhere and everywhere. and specially with the monsoons on, who wants to go to office or for those casuals meets with wet shoes. you get irritated while when they start itching. Wearing Puma Sports Sandals would be a great option if you want something that is easy going. They are smart, stylish and extremely comfortable. With the open front, your foot can breathe air and stay comfortable.

Puma Sports Sandals have a great grip, with good sole that can help you to walk briskly. They are as good as your sports shoes for those evening walks to reduce your weight. They give this sporty look without much of an effort. The straps on these Puma Sports Sandals are also very useful as you can adjust them according to your foot size. If you want the sandals to be tight, just pull those straps a little more and you’re ready to go.

Puma is a trusted company when it comes to buying sports footwear. These sandals would keep your trust as long as the quality is concerned. And with the amazing price offered by, they are absolutely worth buying! Get them now at just Rs. 829.

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