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Men look more smart when they wear white. And if its a t-shirt that of a good brand, then it adds more to the charm of it. Puma offer a puma white t shirt for men for just Rs. 450/-. The t-shirt would make reflect all the qualities of the colour white on you – peaceful, calm, bright but still sexy!

How to Get the Puma White T shirt?

  1. Simply go to Snapdeal and get the puma white t shirt for more smarter looks.
  2. Apply Snapdeal Discount Coupon code [coupon code=”BRANDS” /] to Buy Puma White T-Shirt For Rs.450.

Nothing can be a better combination than white with shades of black. This puma white t shirt is extremely elegant. white being the colour of peace, this puma white t shirt would make you turn around lot of heads. White is one colour which you can wear no matter whichever the season is. Its bright, smart yet cool. The vibrancy of this puma white t shirt would suit your personality pretty well. If you have good curves and a great body to flaunt, this puma white t shirt would help you to do the same.

The fabric of this t-shirt is also very comfortable to wear. It is half sleeves and would let a lot of air pass through. It will not make you sweat and keep your body extremely comfortable inside. Puma being the brand for this t-shirt, you need not worry about the quality of it. This t-shirt would look extremely good with a rugged jeans and a pair sneakers on it. Its great for your casual meet-ups with your friends.

So get this t-shirt right now from Snapdeal at just Rs. 450/-. Nothing could be a better deal than this!


  • Disclaimer: Please note the product colour may differ from the colour shown in the photo.
  • Regular Fit.
  • Brand: Puma.
  • Crew Neck.
  • Product Code: 50928005.
  • Half Sleeves.
  • Fabric: Polyester.
  • Colour: White.

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