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Watch isn’t just a timepiece which allows us to be updated with the time, today it has evolved into a piece of jewellery. Wtaches were considered an ornament which shows your status in the society. Step out in style with this Q&Q White Analog Watch for women. It has everything that a woman needs, Its classy, elegant and superbly stylish and goes with both Indian and Western outfits.

 How to buy Q&Q White Analog Watch for women Price at Rs. 660

Wrist watches are an evergreen fashion, it will never go out of style. More often than not we are often judged by the watches we are wearing. Watches is one  important piece of accessory which is equally important to both women and men . Like jewelries, watches are often passed down from generations and they are considered an heirloom. When it comes to women’s watches, many of us also tend to go with their looks. They are inevitable part to complete our look and get dressed. They can be an excellent style instrument and can easily gel in with our clothes and fashion.

Women’s watches are not mere accessories these days, they are a wonderful way to look trendy. For this, Q&Q White Analog Watch for women is a great piece that you can add to your collection of watches. With a fine quality white leather strap and a stainless steel case, this watch is an excellent fit for anyone who is looking for something unique and reasonably pricing as well. They can be paired with any kind of outfit and can be worn at any time, day or night. Wear them to a party or simply put them on while you are on your way to the office and you would be able to add a certain charm to your style sense. Wear it, flaunt it and love it!



2 Responses to “Get Q&Q White Analog Watch for women Price at Rs. 660 – Jabong”

  1. Abhyudita

    How do we set an analog observe to be inside the correct month?
    Its a bit annoying to change the date manually each month..

  2. Mahavira

    I merely got a unique observe. It’s a analog observe. It has several rotating dial you are able to turn marked with increments beginning from 10-50 along with a dot inside the dead top center of the dial. What is the dial for?
    And when this dial serves a unique function, how would I employ it?


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Rs 825
Rs 660