Get Rs 300 Off On Your First Taxi Ride at Uber – Sign Up!


It’s time to rejoice people. Uber the multinational in Taxi is finally in India! With it’s brilliant service and reliability not to mention its fleet of luxury cabs it offers. ┬áNow a brilliant chance to get Rs 300 off in your first cab ride from Uber. Just sign up using the below link and viola you would get Rs 300 Off. Time to head to the bar with friends and get drunk and then book a Uber to take you back home and save Rs 300. Neat huh?


How to save Rs 300 on your first ride at Uber?

  1. Go to the following Link!
  2. Enter your details for signup!
  3. Remember you need to give them your credit card details during sign-up

Now travel in luxury with Uber’s fleet of Mercedes, Jaguar or Toyata Camry at Rs 20/km for a limited time only. But your experience for the first time is borne by the co. upto Rs 300.

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Rs 300 Off