Get Shampoos 20% off from Rs. 37 from PepperFry

Sowmya Nair

Everyday pollution causes much harm to our hair. There are very few things that are more traumatic than losing hair. Every person we see today complains of balding or hair fall in general. Looking at the comb after styling your hair is a nightmare. One good way to save your hair is by choosing the right shampoo. Ensure that you try out a few before you decide on what’s the best for your hair. Get Shampoos 20% off from You have options from as low as Rs. 37. Now is the right time to buy a few bottles of your favorite shampoos and stock them. Get Shampoos 20% off and forget about shampoo shopping for a while!

How to Get Shampoos 20% off from Rs. 37 from PepperFry:

  1. Get Shampoos 20% off from
  2. Click on BUY NOW
  3. Use discount coupons: PEPOMGR38CG or PEPOMGG39UV or PEPOMGU69RS to avail 20% off!
  4. Ensure that you are logged in before using the coupon code

You get to pick from top brands like Pantene, Head & Shoulders, VLCC, Himalaya, Paul Mitchell, etc. You can be sure your find your favorite brand in here. Make sure to buy for mom and friends too. It will be treated as a good gesture from your end!

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2 Responses to “Get Shampoos 20% off from Rs. 37 from PepperFry”

  1. Vidhatru

    I’m usually struggling different types of shampoos plus conditioners, from sunsilk to suave keratin to john frieda. I want a terrific shampoo plus conditioner to purchase plus stick to. What has not failed for we?

  2. Madhukar

    I have thick/wavy hair,
    I would like to have the shampoo plus conditioner function on damage control, and non- frizz plus leaves the hair nonetheless sleek plus shiny.

    What would we suggest?


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