Get Sony Cybershot DSC-S5000 Point and Shoot Camera at Best Price

Shweta Anand

Amateur photography is said to be a big deal these day. But with digital cameras like Sony Cybershot DSC-S5000 Point and Shoot, nobody is an amateur anymore. Get the best price on the Sony Cybershot DSC-S5000 only at indiatimes. This camera is originally priced at Rs. 4,990/-. It comes to you at initial offer for Rs. 4,641/-. You can get further discount on special coupon and buy the camera for only Rs. 4,502. Save Rs. 349 +139 (limited) right now!

 How to Get Sony Cybershot DSC-S5000 Point and Shoot Camera at Best Price?

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  4. Buy the camera for just Rs. 4,502/-. Best Price.

Cameras have become a basic necessity these days. The importance of cherishing every moment and capturing them has become a social norm. With the Resolution of  14.1 MP, you can capture and save memories with crystal clarity. The camera comes with a The CCD Sensor Type, 5x Optical Zoom and 10 x Digital Zoom,  which is capable of shooting sharp and clear images from a distance.

Whether you travel the world or enjoy your weekend in your backyard, you get to relive every moment with joy and happiness. Made possible by the Sony Cybershot DSC-S5000 Point and Shoot.

When we say we have the best of offers for you, we mean it with reason. We have done our homework and here’s what we found. There are many sites that offer this camera to you, but only has the best of deals. Check our other offerings here.


flipkart brings you the Sony Cybershot DSC-S5000 for Rs. 4800.

maniac store brings the camera to you for Rs. 4590.

saholic Saholic offer the Sony Cybershot DSC-S5000 at Rs. 4591.

homeshop18              Homeshop18 at offers the camera at Rs. 4850 (BUT it’s out of stock).

 Check out the product details and specification now and buy the Sony Cybershot DSC-S5000 Point and Shoot only on

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