Get Tracer Outdoor Shoes Hamper For Rs. 2499 Only from HomeShop18


Homeshop18 hits you with the right deals. It brings the very rarest of items and offers them at incredible discounts. This time, get a tracer outdoor shoes hamper. It has everything you need. Shoes, flip flops, bag, watch and sunglasses. All of them in a hamper of just Rs.2499. Five items for an unbelievable price. Buy one now. You will never regret this purchase.

How to get tracer outdoor shoes hamper for Rs.2499:

  1. Go to
  2. Shop for the tracer outdoor shoes hamper.
  3. Select the size of your shoes.
  4. Click on Buy Now.
  5. Free delivery in 3 working days.
  6. Cash on delivery is available.

An all in one package combo offer is always good. Buy the tracer outdoor shoes hamper from homeshop. It comes at a discount of 60%. Pay just Rs.2499 for five essential needs when you go out. The flip flops are trendy looking blue printed ones. The sunglasses are stylish. The watch is manly and the shoes are tough. The bag is very spacious to fit all your needs. These are the days where you can purchase only a pair of shoes for Rs.2500.Hence, this offer is mind blowing. There is nothing to contemplate about the quality. There isn`t a need for second thoughts. These shoes are specially designed to be rugged. Get out the trekker in you. Be adventurous. For all the avid walkers and campers, this is a perfect gift. So, get your credit cards. Purchase the tracer outdoor shoes hamper today. Happy shopping!

Product Description:

Built for the adventurous walker and light hiker.

One who spends plenty of time off the beaten pat.

One who needs an incredibly durable shoe.

This mens walking shoe featured a suede leather upper with mesh.

It has full length cushioning. Seam less fabric lining.

It is of premium quality lining. This shoe offers comfort and stability.

These shoes ensure a reliable traction on a variety of surfaces and terrain.


Brand/Label: Tracer.
Perfect for: Outdoor Wear.
Designed/ Made for: Men.
Shoe Size (UK Size): 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11.
Combo Contents:
Content 1: Tracer Shoes.
Content 2: Aviator Sunglasses.
Content 3: GLB Flip-Flop.
Content 4: RBM Bag.
Content 5: Tiger Hills Watch.

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