Get Two Adidas Deo of Rs 599 AT Rs. 249 Only

Shweta Anand

They say a deodorant is a chick magnet.. that is true to an extent but.. it’s also just what it means.. de-ordor -ant.. and one can definitely not have enough awesome smell around oneself! we bring you two cans full of pure game and victory league for the price of less than one!! Get Two Adidas Deo worth Rs. 599 at Rs. 249 only! Keep one at work and one for home! Or one in the gym bag… carry your scent with you all around town and still have enough left for twice as much coolness! All while you save up to 59%!

How to Get Two Adidas Deo of Rs 599 AT Rs. 249 Only?

Get Two Adidas Deo of Rs 599 AT Rs. 249 Only
Get Two Adidas Deo of Rs 599 AT Rs. 249 Only at!
  1. Get Two Adidas Deo of Rs 599 AT Rs. 249 Only
  2. Click on Add to Cart
  3. Do not forget to Apply Coupon SHOP100 to get Rs 100 OFF

All the deo advertisements say that you need to own one for the best lifestyle you want! Well we are offering you two! at no additional cost! and it includes the shipping charges.. we are just that good with these deals!

Product Features:

Adidas body spray.
A high performance all-over deodorant body spray.
Developed with adidas’ in-depth skin and body knowledge
Provides 24 hour odour protection.
A great choice for gifting on any occasion.
Easy To Use
Plz note Fragrances will be
Victory League
Game Spirit
Offer is Valid till Stocks Last

Warranty: Not Applicable

In the Box: Set of 2 Adidas Deos

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